Dear White Catholics:
It's time to be anti-racist and leave white fragility behind

This article by Andrew Lyke was published by America Magazine on November 30, 2020, the last day of Black Catholic History Month. It is a message from a lifelong Black Catholic to White fellow Catholics in the wake of the televised "lynching" of George Floyd, the murder of Breonna Taylor by police, and the murder of Ahmaud Arbery by white vigilantes, among other white supremacist atrocities that same year. 

At the end of the article there is link to a podcast in which Andrew Lyke was interviewed on America Media leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

in YOUR lane Podcast: "White Fragility in a Catholic World"

This episode features Andrew Lyke of Arusi Ministries, talking about his recent article “Dear White Catholics: It’s time to be anti-racist and leave white fragility behind.”.

Shedding White Fragility and Working for Racial Justice

Jun 18, 2021

FutureChurch welcomes Mr. Andrew Lyke who offers a presentation on how white Catholics can shed white fragility and join in the cause for racial justice.

Black Lives Matter at the Stations of the Cross

For this virtual prayer service, we have assembled for you several Black Catholic men and women of God, who are servants of the Lord, and lovers of Jesus. In varied artful expressions, they will prayerfully walk us through each station and connect us to the ethos and passion of the movement, Black Lives Matter. 

Partnered In Mission 2021 Keynote Address:
"Where do we go from here?"

May 26, 2021 

2021 NLC: Building the Beloved Community

Andrew Lyke gives a talk on racial justice and how it intersects with our mission and ministry at ISP's Network Leadership Conference on February 27, 2021.  (Question and answer session follows.) 

CPMC 2021: Anti-Racism is a Pro-Life Issue

Oct 13, 2021

A conversation about how in order to be fully pro-life we must also combat issues such as racism.

Praying with the Black Madonna

An online prayer service produced by Arusi Network and Eat The Scroll Ministry

Pray with an assembly of eleven Black Catholic women of God, who are mothers, wives, sisters, caregivers, servants of the Lord, and lovers of Jesus, much like Mary, the Mother of God. 

Andrew Lyke, talks about Anti-Racism for Loyola Marymount University

Mar 9, 2023

Loyola Marymount University Spring 2023 Extension 

Gift of Blackness in the Church

Andrew Lyke speaks prophetically and honestly about racism in the Catholic Church. Students in this course, Sharing our Distinct Gift Of Blackness, experienced wisdom and words of affirmation that our gift of Blackness is needed in the Catholic church, even though the Church has some undesirable behavior in the form of racism. 

St. Thomas the Apostle Annual Day of Renewal

Anti-racism presentation by Andrew Lyke for St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Naperville, Illinois on March 4, 2017.

Basileia_ Building the Kingdom of Go.mp3

Racial Justice: Reckoning with racism in society and the church

 October 6, 2020 interview with Andrew Lyke

America Media Podcast, Voting Catholic

Racial Justice_ Reckoning with racis.mp3

Organizing Catholics for Justice Congress

March 14, 2015, Holy Angels Church
Chicago, IL

Keynote Address by Andrew Lyke

OCJ Congress Keynote.mp3

We're as Catholic as the Pope

A reflection on self-determination by Andrew Lyke

Black History Month Article.pdf

The Liguorian Magazine. 2011 February Issue
Cover Article by Andrew Lyke

Forging a Commitment to Love All--Creating an Anti-Racist Church.pdf