Apple Music compiled this playlist based on the music I like. 

Mix based on "I Apologize" by Anita Baker

Mix Based on the track
"Can't Get Out of This Mood" by Samara Joy

This is my all-time favorite music track. 

Falling in love with this track in the early 1970s took down a musical path that has enriched me more than any other genre. Check it out.

One of my all-time favorite artists, Joni Mitchell's evolution in music crosses genres and stirs my soul. 

I fell for Joni after Terri introduced me to the "Court And Spark" album in 1974. From there we explored her anthology of songs through the phases of her musical career. She is by far my favorite female artist.

Songs written by Stevie Wonder
and recorded by other artists

Stevie has written "gold" for himself and so many other artists. You might be surprised.

Roots Reggae

I love listening to Reggae music while cycling. This is my riding radio station.

Old school hits from Chess Records
between 1962 & 1967

The soundtrack of my youth. 

More Old-School Hits

Compilation of Favorite Female Artists

Sheyla's Playlists

'70s R&B Favorites

Jazz Vocalists based "Birdland"
By Manhattan Transfer